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Originally Posted by fastfwd View Post
I want it for just what its made for,floating around smooth as glass
It does that beautifully!

I have no plans on using the motor was just curious about the 1000 watt if it was more or less powerful than stock.
A lot more powerful. 1000W is my own target for a new motor I've got coming.

The SSS was designed as a powered glider, and it flies like one. Very nicely, in fact. And I found out today it can do some stunts, even if the (clumsy) pilot didn't really intend it to. But it's not an Extra 300, or a pylon racer. People who want that kind of capability or speed, are flying the wrong plane.

But there are a few oddballs (like me) who like to do occasional steep climbs, loop from level flight without losing altitude, etc. - things that don't involve high speed or intricate maneuvering, but are fun anyway. A powerful motor, though it will never make a slow plane like the SSS fast, can compliment its capabilities in very useful ways.
The SSS fly's just fine as is,all i have done is bigger esc and new control rods ..
Good stuff. I changed the tail pushrod connectors to make them stiffer and easier to connect, adjust, and secure. With the stock motor and prop, IMHO it doesn't really need a higher-capacity ESC, but there's no harm in using one either. It will probably run cooler if you do a lot of full-throttle stuff, which never hurts.

And as TheDon has pointed out, the stock ESC is described in the manual that came with the plane, as only having the capacity for four or five servos... but the SSS has six! A new ESC with more BEC current is a VERY good idea for this reason.
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