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Originally Posted by RCvertt View Post
Do they make this kind of three position switch and if so what is it called?...

I have a TX that has two, two position switches. I need to combine those into one three position switch.

An arduino will read the signals from the two, two position switches. The code is easy enough to do just as long a I can get three different states from these two switches.

The three position switch needs to functions like this...

Switch one - Switch two
On - On = Position one of the three position switch.
Off - Off = Position two of the three position switch.
On - Off = Position three of the three position switch.

or it could be...

On - Off
Off - On
On - On

or it could be any other combination such that each of the three positions are different.

I don't know what the technical term for such a switch is so that I can look it up online at Fry's electroincs. I would like to know if such a switch exists.
It looks to me like you could do that with any DPDT center-off switch, you don't really need a PIC or anything that complicated. Not sure what kind of switch you have now, but you can always replace it with the kind you need, make sure it's a "center off" type, not all 3-positions switches are. Also, make sure it's a DPDT, it will have 2 rows of 3 pins per row. The schematic shows how you could wire it to accomplish the matrix you listed first (in red now).

To explain, a "2-position" switch is simply an on/off switch, in one position the circuit between the 2 pins in connected, in the other position it is open. So by wiring the DPDT 3-position switch as shown, in the 1st position it closes both circuits giving you ON-ON. In the middle position, the DPDT 3-position center-off switch doesn't do anything, so it's OFF-OFF. In the 3rd position, the switch is wired to again close the circuit on the #1 switch, so you have ON-OFF. If I misunderstood what you want to do, then disregard with my apologies.
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