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boingk, The Mauser sounds awesome! LE too!

I have a rather complicated financial system that keeps me safe thanks to my dad. He preached responsibility since I was young. I trust my wife completely but our finances are separate for the most part. After we got married I bought the house and she bought her office building and as best we can legally the two are separated. She's had some difficulties recently due to the economy but recently she made more than I do week to week. Works out great because there is never any arguments over money. She's also not high maintenance. After her responsibilities are met, if she actually blows any money it's on grand kids. Except for shoes of course. High heels and pumps are her crack. I have dated chicks that thought their looks (among other things) was worth a lot more than it actually was to me. I've told more than one girlfriend that if I have to pay for it I'll go to Las Vegas and deal with a professional. May sound harsh but I tend to put all my cards on the table and it works out for me. Treating someone well, buying gifts and such is one thing, I enjoy giving a lot but when the pressure gets turned up or someone expects things I hit the road.

Damn, I'm ready to do a little flying. Weather is getting great (read cooler) here. Hoss, if you read this make an escape plan for this weekend.
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