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I use .015"/.038mm 7 strand coated bead wire. It fits the teflon CA tubes perfect as there is little friction. These servos don't like much in the way of friction and will hang up esp if max throws are used. If the fishing lead is thin enough to slide with little friction that would be cool.

I don't think you need a 2mm CF rod in the LE a smaller diameter I think would be better. That said I agree with Gene it depends on your cut foam. It may not be as stiff as Depron so flex could be a problem. And yes what Gene said about the Depron grain is very important esp. when doing a fuselage where you need the most flex around curves usually.

I finally finished my Gene covered Black 6 Nieuport-11 by painting my pilot. Except for the fake real aileron push horns that go in the top wing dark slots. I will do that tonight. Here's a few pic's for some inspiration Gene did a fantastic covering job on all of the WWI birds we did as a team. I flew the Black 6 yesterday and it is such a joy to fly and see in the air.

Still working on my D.VIII Oberursel motor trying to keep up with Gene.

Good luck with yours and please post your build pic's.

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