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Originally Posted by Sherry1969 View Post
You know what, not only did all the guys you mentioned and a few more get me to order and try this build but they have also saved me from mistakes. Everything in the builds, not only helped with ideas but also enabled me to correct silly looking things that are in the kit.( seats) I would like to add more ideas but these guys already have answered just about everything. It is just some of the smaller questions I hope to answer, like cost to build and hours etc...
Speaking of the seats....oh my carving them out for the servo and motor was brutal. Guess I could use more tools. I used the dremel to do it.
I used Krylon clear coat on the cockpit panels. It was horrible, really bad. Not even close to being even. I wet sanded them and that is how they will stay.
Yep those same guys helped me too! I am presently building the same boat. Going into my 2nd year on the build! I had similar issues with the cockpit panels and found a way to fix the "rivers and valleys" and uneven finish... Let the stain dry well, then do a couple coats of epoxy resin. I sanded the coats down to about 400 grit and then applied the clear coat. Then sanded down to 400 grit and then a final coat of clear sanded down to 2000. they look sweet now! I am glad I went this route because it got me familiar with working the finish on the actual hull.

And about the cost to actualy finish the boat... That can vary... I personaly sunk another grand into the boat purchasing things like an electroplating kit, lights, sound gold leaf, and lots of other odds and ends... All worth it... Best wishes on your build!

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