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Originally Posted by skripo View Post
Looking to buy a QAV500 next week but struggling with components


Pretty much decided that I want Simonk firmware and found the 20 amp one preflashed at rc timer for $11.00 (thanks to the link in your excellent blog). What is the quality difference between similar Turnigy, hobby king, and others? Not afraid to flash atmega or sil if it means I get a better controller. Also is there an efficiency penalty if I go to a 30 amp vs 20 amp controller for the same motor?


Looking at NX or AX 4008. I understand those motors, like most are simply white labeled but what is a fair quality vs price motor? One has a different mount and bigger shaft 3mm vs 4 mm swinging a 10 x 5 or thereabouts. What should I chose and why?


I see all sorts of issues with plastic but want good value and have always hated balancing. What do you recommend? Rc timer seems to have a great selection of carbon fiber ones at a great price.


Planning to get the Naza setup with GPS as well and control the whole thing with an 11xg. Any comments?

Ground station is a future project, would like waypoint navigation. What should I think about now?

When it comes to ESCs, bigger is better as they will heat up less, so less likely to fail. The only penalty is carrying the extra weight of the bigger ESCs, but between 20A and 30A this is minimal.

I've had a look at those motors and they look like they're more suited to swinging a 12" prop, especially if you're going to run with a 3s lipo. I'm convinced that almost all motors come from the same factory and are just labelled differently, so if you can find one with identical specifications for a lower price then go for it and don't be sucked in by the brand.

I haven't heard good things about the cheap carbon fiber props, so I would stay away from them. If you don't like balancing props then the best that I've found straight out of the bag are by Graupner, but they're not the cheapest. The cheap carbon reinforced props work fine once they are properly balanced.

I really like the Naza and can highly recommend it. Unless they suddenly come up with another add-on for the Naza, I wouldn't expect waypoint navigation anytime soon. I'd suggest seeing how you get on with the Naza and start saving up for your next controller.

Overall I think you've made some good choices there and hopefully will have one really sweet copter when it's done.
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