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Hey any of you guys flying the "NEW" v450 can you tell me more about the new dip switches on the new RX? They don't run off the 6 axis system right? Pretty sure not. But just thought i would ask since it came up elsewhere.

Originally Posted by bradheli1 View Post
Even though I have lots to learn, I thought I might just go ahead and get my Gaui X5FBL, but I still haven't found anyone that seems to have stock, or a good selection of parts that I can count on to support this bird. I'm extra worried as I live in Canada and even longer shipping to my place.

So isn't it risky to step into an X5 with this limited support in North America? At least I can buy my walkera parts from many suppliers and at really good prices.

Also, I'm dreading the thought of having to get familiar with another TX. Finally, I know my 2801 like the back of my hand. If it ever gets too worn out, they are cheap to replace. Is it too silly to use the 2801 with my new X5? I have really enjoyed flying all my walkeras from the same remote. Shouldn't I be stepping up better quality stuff like Futaba or something or would anyone consider using their 2801Pro?

It seems so boring to buy an Align but its probably really sensible from what I read. Parts availability, QC and prices are fantastic, all sizes available... but they just don't get me all excited like an X5 (or a 500 goblin when they get those out and perfected!)

Any advice before I get trigger finger and order a bird?
Well, most places are out of stock regularly on the X5 it seems like demand is high and production is low. If you are not able to be patient between parts orders and not fly in between. Maybe an Align would be better for you. There is nothing really wrong with Align. I've heard the 3GX system is pretty bad, but obviously better then WK. But you can use anything you want. BeastX or even Walkera's stuff. Otherwise maybe you should look into Tarrot for a cheaper clone alternative?

I plan on buying my X5 and when parts are available buying them in multiples. They are not that expensive and i don't expect to need that many replacement parts all that often with this heli. It will likely end up being all the same parts that wear out or break in a crash. Shafts, gears, tail drive gears, blades and landing skids. Stock up when you order, don't order when it breaks. Thats the only solution i can think of to a varying parts supply fluctuation.
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