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Originally Posted by Jovanx View Post
Thank you for that beautiful video. I still remember that one you took of not flying that showed the big blue waves and the icebergs. Now that you are sort of over your fear of flying over water, that spot might be on your list.

I have flown over a lake, and landed it in the water on purpose, just to see if it could be done. I figured it a guy could land on water, a whole new vista of flying sites would open up. When I plucked it out of the lake, it made funny noises and the motor would not work. In the end it turned out that the ESC was wet, and after a few hours of drying out, it's as good as new.

Before winter comes, my plan is to waterproof everything and try landing in the water again. It's not a float plane, but it floats.
Thanks for the kind words Jovanx. Well see how the winter holds up and i just may hit the high seas in the spring with the pun intended!!

I have a set of HZ Super Cub floats that ive thought about mounting to the belly for giggles haha
But you would need to mock up something for the tail for sure...but have it so it sits very high off the water, last thing you want is your Prop hitting the water.

God its to late to be brain storming how to make a RP into a float plane haha

Do what i did to the RX for winter ops, you can also wrap the esc in a balloon with zip tie around the wires. keeps the water out great. If you really want to make sure no water gets in there, before you zip the rubber around the wires add a bit of hot glue there, let set, then tighten up the tie!

Cant believe you landed her on water lol

would of love to see that video
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