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I just realized something I should have included in my response that will help you test my theory-- bind up the radio and get everything running normally, then turn off your TX. This should put the RX in fail safe mode. If you get a down elevator movement, then I would bet strongly that you've sourced your problem. Again, I was lucky that my fail (not so) safe was a beautiful axial roll...

As for Gerald's response, I now also set up my DLG's so that the throttle stick doesn't move the flaps for the launch condition. Every time I've bumped them I've known it was my fault, which is why I didn't posit this as the cause of your incidents. Now it just gives me peace of mind. It's violent when if happens!

FWIW: I have set up my failsafe to be same as launch mode (touch of right rudder, up elevator) with the exception of a camber addition (somewhere between cruise and float). My theory is that if it browns out during launch, I'll know, but it won't destroy the airframe or completely kill the launch. In normal flight, I'd hope this would prevent a full out speed dive with the up elevator and positive camber, and the rudder inducing a "stay close to home" turn. Frankly, that is probably a thread of its own...

Good luck,
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