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If everything seems to be working normally prior to your SAL and the plane behaves as if a strong "command" has been directed to it that's inconsistent with your inputs, I have a strong suspicion from recent experience that your launch angle is blocking your antennas and causing a grey out (brown out, etc.). When this happens, lots of radios default to what I call a "radio neutral": basically what the servos would do with no subtrim or trim. If this includes a touch of down elevator (read: a LOT at high speed), then your plane is in pieces before you regain connection.

I had something similar happen on launch with a carbon D-box Stobel, The "radio neutral" position caused a smooth roll, giving me the very peculiar feeling that someone else was flying. When I landed (verrrry luckily my receiver antennae came back into "view" in time), I repositioned the antennae and set up a more suitable fail safe.

Hope this helps, and yes, the questions from Jcats would be extremely helpful to know.

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