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Lawn dart upon launch?

I have had this happen to me twice now. Two different airplanes. Two different radio systems. Upon completion... Gentle test tosses leading to sal ... 20-30 trim flights to get things settled .... Both planes flying pretty well and doing what is to be expected during the trimming cycle... Then...

On a hard throw... The planes leaves the throwing hand, goes about 20 feet and dives straight into the ground (at very high speed) as if it had received a full down elevator command from the tx. In both cases, it happens so fast that my throwing hand has not even made it to the transmitter. The tx is in my left hand and is still well clear of my body in the follow-through.

In both cases, all parts of the plane were located at the crash site (I.e. Nothing fell off prior to impact). Except for crash damage, all radio gear appeared to functioning normally during post-crash inspection.

I do not have a lot of high-end dlg experience so I'm asking the pros out there... Is there something in my launch technique that can cause this? Any other experienced-based thoughts on the problem?
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