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Gene, I was looking up aileron servos on HK to use with the HK Super micro brick and saw that you had used the little hk orange servos. I have a few of those, and I think I'll change the connector on one to try it on the bench. I think it takes the 1 mm JST-SH female to get it to work with the brick.

Anyway, still planning on this first practice plane to do RET only.

I don't know how well the stainless leader would work with a sharp bend in the tubing because I don't have the tube yet -- just ordered. But will get back to you on it.

I have to drive to Keene, NH to get carbon fiber -- nearest LHS, so can't work on lower wing. Might have to switch to gear installation in the mean time..

BTW, is the CF in both wings? Or can I get away with it i the lower only? The upper is already wrapped, but I haven't done the lower yet, so I could put it under the tissue on that one. I'm guessing 2mm CF or do you use slightly smaller for the LE on 2mm foam?

I will put scale dihedral in the lower wing for RET -- looks generous..

I've never seen POR, but looked for it a long time. The Loctite Indoor Adhesive product seems to be an acrylic cement -- a little like acrylic latex caulk -- smells similar -- water cleanup. Probably quite different than POR which I'm guessing is strong solvent based. But they probably glue up the same way.

I'm sure my problem with gluing the skins on was due to not spraying the tissue as well as the foam. It sticks, but not very strong. But fine for my first learning build using your methods. I expected to have some small problems along the way -- nothing major so far! Already looking forward to future builds I can do with this method. Having fun!
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