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I've put together the heli chasis to check for missing parts and could use some advice.

What do you use to lock in screws in plastic? When i put in the screws, quite a few of them doesn't seem to lock. Since loctite will likely melt them, what am i supposed to use?

I'm ordering an entire screw set because there's one missing in the tail boom. It's the right number of screws, but the only screw left doesn't fit. How often does this happen?

How well is the main shaft supposed to fit in the shaft sleeve for the one way bearing? The videos show people just sliding it out of the shaft, but mine refuses to go in at all, when i tried forcing it, it's now stuck with no way to be taken out.

I've punched and burned a hole to the canopy to mount it, but the mounting spike seems to act as a hinge. Is there a risk of it going up and hitting the rotor blade? I 77also didn't find any rubber grommits in the kit, is it necessary?

I also wasn't sure how to go about punching the hole into the canopy without risking cracking. I basically heated an old rusted micro screwdriver and gradually worked my way up through the screwdriver set 'til it just barely fits over the spikes. Maybe i can use foam tape in place of the grommits to reinforce the hole?
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