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Originally Posted by TheRemoteControl View Post
"Before powering up:

-Be sure that your battery is fully charged prior to powering up. A complete charge will take roughly an 1hr to complete. Always supervise your charges for the indicator light to change.

-Be sure the throttle stick is set all the way down.

-Be sure the throttle trim is digitally set all the way down (via LCD screen).

Upon powering up:

-Always turn on the transmitter first. You will need to have the battery already plugged into the helicopter, however with the power switch set to OFF. You will notice a series of flashing lights and/or beeps emitted by the transmitter. During the fairly quick 3-5 seconds of flashing lights and/or beeps, you will need to immediately switch the helicopter's switch to ON.

-You will then notice a red light on a PC board inside the helicopter. Do not touch any of your controls at this time. A red light indicates that the PCB is trying to establish a connection with your transmitter. That red light on the PCB should turn green in less than 1 minute, indicating that your radio signal has successfully been established."

According to the email the red light on the PCB board should turn green. That never happened on my helicopter, I even looked up how to turn it on the first day I got it just to make sure. It seems mine was defective according to the email?
Hello TheRemoteControl.
I'm sorry to hear that the LED light on the PCB did not turn green. However, did it turn solid red? According to our records, you had stated previously that you'll be able to get the helicopter up in the air for approximately 1 minute or so and the helicopter would act like it's not getting any type of commands from the transmitter. May I request for the voltage reading of the battery, if possible. Are there any damage(s) on the PCB itself?
- Nancy P.
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