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Build Log
Hobby King/Shuttler F-15 70mm

Got one of these from Hobby King, ARF/PNF:

With stock motor and fan, the plane is a leisure flyer with a 3S 2200mAH battery - don't even think of doing anything more than circles and a landing, and 4S is an ESC thermal shutdown waiting to happen.

I purchased it thinking it might essentially be an unpainted Freewing 64mm F-15 in unpainted EPO. If you're going to apply the supplied decals for decoration, wipe down the parts first, because they don't stick - must have been some mold release agent still on the plane.

Comparing the two, this plane has a generally slimmer profile, but even more significant is it's lighter. Now that I've flown it assembled, I'm going to do my franken-plane bit and do some mods:
  • Upgraded power plant (ESC, fan, motor)
  • Separate ailerons and flaps
  • All-flying stabs
  • Rudders
I used Foam-Tac to assemble the plane, so the parts I glued came off with not too much work. The glue job done by the factory is another story. The fan hatch is secured using double-sided tape on the bottom of the of the duct, so had to carve a notch in the fuselage to get a fingerhold to work it off. Peeking inside after removing the fan, the fuselage is hollow construction, plenty of room to route the servo cables for the rudders and ailerons, so I did some more cutting to remove blocks of the fuselage that are simple to re-attach.

I'm not going to make this plane a bullet, just add enough power and control surfaces to make it more agile in the air, so I'm not going to bother with carbon-reinforcing the wings, though that could still be a later option.

Pictures to be posted as the project moves along ...
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