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Ok. My 3-axis came in today. But even tho' they mention it's great for airplanes and gliders They mainly tell you how to set it up for a helicopter. It came with 4 wires. One for the monitor and the other 3 for the gyro. The instructions are typical tech type. They don't show you in the manual how to plug what into where. Also one of the wires, the one that plugs into the Pit/Ele/Aux spot, is three individual single wire plugs all put together. One is marked the "Tail Gain", the next "Elevator" and the 3rd "Collective Pitch", whatever the heck that means. Below that plug is one marked Aileron with a 3 wire plug (with the wrong end) and the next is the Rudder plug. Plugs below that are marked, "CH2, CH2, CH1, and CH4", respectively. It shows that nothing is plugged into those last 4 plugs. All data in the manual is for helicopter with words that don't make sense to me.

They have a very elaborate instruction for setting up the TX and RX but for heli only. Nothing about airplanes or gliders with the exception of a couple of quickly mentioned spots.

I realize that putting this all together would make sense to a heli pilot but I don't know anything about heli terminology so I don't know how to cross reference to airplane. So my question would be
  • 1. Do I use the heli plugin instruction?

    2. What about the other 4 plugs? What do I do with them?

    3. Where do I plug what into the servos?

  • 4. How did I get myself into this mess?
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