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Originally Posted by sliderca View Post
Hey guys. Any girl sail pilots on this thread?

Anyways I maidened my Radian PRO and wanted to share my thoughts. I primarily fly scale warbird, intermediate 3D, and pylon.

My dad (old, bold guy) told me to go get a Radian v1. I was like, really dad? A three channel? C'mon. Long story short that got me hooked on gliders and a week later I had the Radian Pro.

Opened the box and it was warped really bad. LHS (Gyro Hobby, Lake Forest, CA) exchanged for me and they were really cool about it. Not sure if they get support from HH or not but that store seriously takes care of people as long as you are nice.

Other thing I noticed was Y-connector. Yuck. I'm a computer guy so the thought of not having individual servo control was not something I wanted to dabble with. So off to dad's house to pick up a used JR 9503 (currently on DX6i). (Dad is sorta addicted to R/C and spends a lot of time buying other peoples wrecks and making them perfect again. He even trues his own bicycle tires so you get the idea).

Got everything out on table and wow. I couldn't figure out how to program the JR. I mean, I could sit and really learn this radio but I just wanted to try out camber and stuff. So after reading about radios the DX18 seemed like the clear winner for me. DX18 arrived from Soaring USA and it took maybe 10 minutes to setup. (note: yea 10 minutes to get it working but not perfect of course, again... wanted to fly).

Went to maiden, was a handful to control and getting used to left stick flaps, right lever throttle, 5 flight modes, etc. (Sherman Knight program). Was way too much for my rookie glider thumbs. Landed and thought to myself, well this isn't fun like the Radian V1.

So I started a new program from scratch in the DX18. Your going to think this is lame but since I mostly fly power I put power back on left throttle stick (yes motor is in aux not motor on receiver), flaps on left lever, and setup 3 flight modes. I also used a servo balancer and adjusted all the mechanicals with my limited knowledge of sail planes.

Off to the field. Power up DX18, pre flight check list pops up, set my flight modes, 321 launch. I抦 in the AIR, WOO HOO.

So I think. Ok let抯 dial this puppy in. Each flight I pick 2 things to adjust. After I figure out how much I want (2-3 passes maybe) I land. Adjust Launch I did this 10 times. So that is about 20 adjustments on 1st battery.

I switch it up to 2nd battery and decide to just fly it for a bit. WOW. Was super impressed, especially when under no power. I got some very very very minor thermal and very very minor lift from an adjacent hill at the park but overall this plane was flying really nice.

My only complaint now is the stock prop (yep, ordering new prop and spinner now). Watt meter says I抦 pulling 145 Watts & 12.5 Amps.

So long story short I really like this plane. But what I like even more is the DX18 and sailplane programming. It is SO MUCH FUN to program this thing. It抯 hard to believe how this compares to a real sailplane and all the tricks we have available to us as R/C pilots.

Would I buy this plane again? NO. Sorry but it just isn抰 cool enough to buy a 2nd one. I think my next plane will be the mystique. I figured the cost is under $1k for a fully loaded mystique, which is actually a lot cheaper than the full house sailplanes I have been looking at. Let the flame begin

Using flight modes, you can have both throttle and flaps on the left stick. I have the servos and motor ready to go into the Mystique as soon (?) as it gets here.

The RP is fun, but it is foam and bendy foam and QC is not great, but you can replace the entire airframe for about $100. After this rebuild, I won't do it again, either.

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