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pull-line setup

someone was asking about how to install the pull-line in a Polaris in another thread so i decided i would post the method i use here in a dedicated thread.

for the control horn side, i tie a knot big enough to slip around the control horn. dont use a split knot here since you dont want this knot cinching down on the control horn. to this knot, i tie another small capture-line so that when i remove the elevator, the pull-line does not fall into the fuse. if it does, just pull on the capture-line to get access to the pull-line knot. the end of the capture-line is tack-glued to the stab pylon so it is super easy to mount the elevator control horn to the pull-line again. i got this idea from Mike Stern who showed me this solution at the last IHLGF. i liked it so much that i added this feature to all my Polaris pull-lines. thanks, Mike! i used to just tape the pull-line to the outside of the fuse during transport. i think Bruce uses a small wire-tie to hold the knot during transport. these are great solutions but if the knot slips from your hands during assembly, it may take a while to fish it back out of the fuse if it falls inside.

i fix the other end of the line to servo horn with a small length of brass tubing that i collapse/crimp over the line once i get the proper length of line.

some of the pull-lines are slippery so it is important to wet them in thin and then medium CA so that the knots and crimps dont slip. after i tie the knots or make the crimp, i wet them thoroughly. i have yet to have a knot or crimp let go.

the method for mounting or removing the elevator is this: turn on the radio and give full down deflection to the elevator. turn off the radio and then unscrew the stab bolts and slip the horn off the knot. when you want to mount the stab again, pull the capture-line that is tied to the tail knot and slip the horn through it. bolt down the stab and go fly! its that easy. hope this helps.
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