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The settings in the instructions were written down very early in the testing phase and after a lot of questions on my settings (especially after WC in South Africa) I decided it was time to check what my 3 model were set up for and rewrite the instructions. The settings is a personal thing and you set up the plane like you want. All people have different ways of using the sticks and while some have long sticks in a tray the next one might want short ones on a hand held radio. But the settings should now be a good starting point for those that dont want to use too much time on setup flying.

The reason for explaining a method of setting up the flap servos is that it is too many pilots that have problems installing and using way too long horns. So a minimum of helping them was written down. With servos in neutral the arm will be about 20 degrees towards the flap. And with offset it will be straight up. This should be a decent amount of offset applied but more can be done as you have done. But not all trasmitters can do so much offset so the stated amount of offset should be easy to apply for all or most radios. Another issue is that I like my arms to be straight towards the flap when full butterfly applied. This means the load on the servo/gear is less when the flap is out when model is hiting the ground.

If you are happy with your setup there is no reason to change just because we rewrotethe instructions. Happy pilots is what Samba wants.

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Originally Posted by rcglider View Post
In the process of installing wing servos in my Perfection so went to Samba's website for the latest info. I see that they have changed the suggested throws rather severely. For example, they now suggest 30mm up and 12mm down for aileron throw. Used to be 14mm/13mm. Also numerous smaller changes all around, but ailerons are a biggy. Do you guys find need for so much aileron??

They say to set up flap servos with arm about 20 degrees toward flaps and then use flap offset to get the arms back to 90 degrees to the case. Then they want you to connect the linkage with the flaps in section and the flap arms still at 90. With flaps fully retracted on mine, after setting up servos the way they suggest, my servo arms are 20 degrees or so forward of perpendicular. Seems to me that this is the proper location so that the flaps will have more range of motion to the downside.

Anyway, unless somebody here can show me why I should change things, I 'm going to leave them as I have them. I think they are wrong to suggest moving the servo to get the arm to 90 degrees before connecting the flap "in section". If I were to do that, I'd have tons of flap up when the stick is returned to flaps full up.
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