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I just came from a park just threw a battery through the MasterCP, I tried out a 15t pinion today. I flipped her a couple of times and that went well, I didn't feel any problem with headspeed at all with this config and it's quick enough to be scary to me, i've been flying the little heli's too much, not used to a fast helicopter. I did notice the tail having just the slightest trouble with keeping up but it wasn't bad at all. Just a little wobble from time to time and not the rock solid feel you get from a belt or TT. I'm very happy with this little thing so far. oh, btw, not sure if it's the new servos or what but i'm going to have to turn down the travel on aileron. this thing was ready to do a roll when i was giving it maybe 30%-40% stick and i'm talking serious roll. So i'm definitely going to have to tweak that some. Question for those of you who have lost it, was it because it was far away or was it because of the sun? One thing I didn't have a problem with was seeing it, I also wear sunglasses when the sun is helps tremendously. Not to mention you still look cool after you crash (nobody can see the tears) lol.
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