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Tossing planes into the snow
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I agree with your idea that proportional throttle is a good thing to have on a sailplane. There has been some opposition to this idea and I would just like to register my support for you. First, I would like to make it clear that I fly my Radian and Radian Pro as sailplanes, and the fun starts when the motor stops. That means that the motor is only there for the purpose of getting the plane up to gliding altitude.

My attitude about getting up to altitude has changed. I originally was caught up with the prevailing idea that the plane needs to go straight up, as quickly as possible. What is wrong with having it go up gently and gradually, without stressing out the prop/adapter/esc/battery/motor/pilot/photographer or whatever. We are here to enjoy our day and the sun and the silence and the plane gliding like a bird. If less than full throttle will help you enjoy your day, I'm all for it. If full-throttle is what works for you, maybe a Mustang would be more fun.

If there is no rush to get the plane down, there should be no rush to get it up there.
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