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Well thank you both!

I think it will be RET only, though I did order some of that Teflon tubing and found some 24 ga. brass bead wire. But I don't have an aileron servo. I do have the Hobbyking submicro brick, which I'm going to try. Also their 8mm motor and gearbox.

Though I'm probably not going to do the ailerons this time, for next time I was also wondering if stainless steel fishing leader could be used as the aileron cable -- I have that in .011" which seems even thinner and lighter than the bead wire, yet stiffer. Also it is coated bronze color and pretty slick.

I tried two different glues for the fuselage joints (beveled and chalked per video) the first was HobbyKing thick foam glue. Didn't like it for this fine work very much. It balled up when I tried to spread it on an edge..

Then tried what is becoming my main glue for foam, Loctite Stik-N-Seal Indoor adhesive (Walmart $2.50) And it worked really well -- just the right consistency to wipe on, let dry a little, then assemble the parts -- it is a contact adhesive. It is great to be able to wash it off your hands -- water soluble, and a pleasant odor. The only thing to remember about it is the initial bond is pretty quick, but real strength requires time. Full strength overnight. So a part under tension should be immobilized for a while or it will pop apart a few minutes after you put it together. For most parts, I just hold it together by hand for a bit.

The spray glue isn't holding the tissue on my sliced insulation foam very strongly. I can move it a little if a wrinkle edvelops. Probably related to the foam itself. I'm using the same Loctite spray adhesive Gene is using. I might need to spray a second coat next time, or spray the tissue lightly as well as the foam. Still it is holding on well enough.

Guess I'll have to figure how to add a CF leading edge at this point -- I was hopeful that the biplane struts would stiffen up the plane enough. But it sounds like it is needed.

I'm showing the card stock frame I tape the tissue on before spraying outside with Krylon clear. I hate the smell of the Krylon. A laser printer would be better!!!

Also a picture of the fuselage being glued up.

Thanks so much again for this build tutorial!
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