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Hi Aejar,
I take no offense, but I disagree and in my reply to Gerry I have explained why.
Sadly he copied one sentence out of a complete post and pasted it in his response.

My response and opinion are based on what the RP feels like when it flies with power, and my experience by teaching people to fly (power planes) for the past year.

When I look at Peteringh's post I see that I'm not alone with this school of thought and that the RP is not the only glider that preferrs less than full throttle.

No need to repeat my last post here. I think I explained why I think like I do.

As Peter has said, the best way is what works for one. (while keeping it safe for everyone else). the fact that some people preferr to have the throttle in a switch versus the more conventional way does not make it wrong. my posts simply stated that it does not make sense to me and I explained why. I've also explained why I believe that this advise needs to be dished out with a measure of caution to the inexperienced pilot.

The main thing here is that we actually need to learn that we can disagree, and we can try and prove why we think we are right.but that does not necessarily mean that a person who does not think like we do is wrong.

Most importantly, if we keep our posts respectful we can make this a better forum.
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