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Build Log
#45 Modle Airplane Building Clinic >> Stevens Aero FullHouse <<

Hidey ho good people. Welcome to my first foray into turning a box of sticks into something that will fly. I will be building the FullHouse from Stevens Aero. This build log is a part of Murocflyer's Model Airplane Building Clinic. Link here:

Here is a link to the kit:

How did I get here? Well... a long time ago ... ok it was the late 80's not really that long ago. I tried to start the R/C hobby with a Duraplane trainer .40. If you don't remember these, they were basically a square pvc tube with foam wings and a .40-size motor bolted onto the front. Even with the help of the local r/c club I never managed to solo the blasted thing. Then life happened, and I told myself that someday I would try again.

Earlier this summer, I finished a move and found myself with a nice, new, empty workshop and loads of unused storage space. Determined to do things right this time, I picked up a simulater (RF-6), and then discovered the ultra-micro foam rtfs. I fell in love with the little things and now have several (Nieuport bipe, T-28, P-51D). But for my first bigger plane I wanted to use my new, empty workshop to build from a kit.

My initial short-list was what I knew from years ago: Sig Kadet Sr./Seniorita, LT-40, Telemaster, and PT-40. But I have always liked finding niche products, so the old standbys weren't too appealing. Then I began googling and ran across some smaller builders and my list expanded some.

For this build I set the following goals:

1. Relatively simple kit to build even for a first-timer
2. High wing 4-channel trainer
3. An off-the-beaten-path design

The Stevens FullHouse seems to fit that bill quite nicely. Plus it looks ideal for adding floats.

I've prepared my work area, and verified I have the supplies I need as per the kit's instructions. As of now, my flat building board is a 2'x4' ceiling tile set flat on my worktable. One more trip to stock up on sandpaper and #11 blades and I should be all set to go when the kit arrives. In the mean time I've looked over the building instructions. There are a few spots that are giving me the willies. But otherwise they seem very clear, consise, and easy to follow. My initial concerns are:
- all of the sanding-to-shape areas; especially the cowl.
- And of course the first-timer fear of covering the model at the end.

I'm a little behind the schedule for the build clinic, but the kit is now ordered and I am heading out to the driveway to hold my breath until it gets here ... in 5-7 days.
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