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Thanks for your comments Magne;

I have not gathered any data from my A150 other than feeling the temperature of the motor and the batteries. After flying 2 Sportsman sequences I am using up between 3500 and 3800 mAh in the 6000 mAh batteries (14s2P). At the last IMAC contest this last weekend I was able to borrow a Xoar 28x12. This was definitely is better than the 27x12 on the uplines.

What if the KV of the motor in youy 2.6 meter Zlin? I assume that you are 12S?

Originally Posted by Magne View Post
Hi Geoff,
Just a suggestion for you.
In my 2.6 meter Zlin I use a Mejzlik 26x15E (electric carbon) propeller.
We are several people in Norway that have concluded that the higher pitched propellers is the way to go for electric IMAC. (Sequence flying, not freestyle.)
I have now built a larger version of the Zlin (3.2 meter, 126") with a Plettenberg Predator 37/6 on 12s24Ah (3x8Ah)
I have tested Engel 30x14 and 30x16. The 30x16 gives superior performance.
There are not too many manufacturers that make high pitched propellers, but Engel have a reasonable selection. Engel propellers have a very low load factor, and would normally require that you go up one size compared to other manufacturers.
Have you any measurement data from your A150 motor with the 27x12, i.e. rpm, Amps, Volts?

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