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i've recently started getting the real hang of this little heli (as in, crashless FFF, small flips and stuff) and now i've wanted to start working on piroette-based figures, noticing that a 360 turn while standing still leads to a severe drift after the turn has complete - clockwise the heli turns front right, ccw the heli turns front left. While i've already started to try to compensate this with mixing elev/aile to rudder i haven't achieved something useable with that. Did anybody do this before, and if so, can you give me your mixing parameters to work upon? I know that this is highly heli specific, as it is probably a CG problem, but it'd be nice nonetheless. If it already has been done, and i've missed the post/thread where, could you please point me? I've tried searching, but nothing worthwhile came up ;/.

This is original walkera brushless set with original length tailboom and the HK 300mAh mcpx batteries btw... Also, i've finally got that BL kit to work nicely without any tail wags or blowouts. It holds steady as it should. Just the main motor power disappoints me a bit.
Walkera Genius Cp brushless 3d flight (2 min 35 sec)
looks like it has *so*much*more* power than mine... ;(.

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