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Originally Posted by zadaw View Post
Apparently, you can reverse the servos but the gyro still compensates in the same direction. It may be possible to correct this by mounting the receiver upside down.
I can only comment about my Hitec servos, what happened when i initially setup is that i found i had to reverse the pitch, ail, and elev in the transmitter in order for them to move in the correct directions. Afterwards I found that the gyro would correct in the same direction which is very bad. So I reversed the servos AND set the transmitter back to normal and then everything was fine. (i reversed the reverse so to speak)

Now, as on of the previous posters mentioned as this being done on purpose by Walkera....I don't think so, I think it matches what they already have on hand because these are the exact same servos on other models. Also, when you buy more expensive flybarless units they know you may have servos that move in the opposite direction and they give you a way to reverse right in the gyro programming.

If you purchased the Hitec's, the programmer, and some batteries. Yes, you will be pushing your costs up but it's still less than a real flybarless trex. But you get a good flying heli that is MUCH easier and less expensive to repair. Less time on repairs and cheaper repairs is exactly what I need since I still crash a lot more than I'd like. What it boils down to though is do I enjoy flying it and I can say wholeheartedly that this is a fun little chopper and it was well worth the money.....even the money I spent upgrading it. Hopefully I have helped some others since I already know, and listed, what headaches may arise in upgrading.

Happy flying everyone!
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