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Thanks for the info. I don't think this plane had ever been flown. I had to rework the elevator linkage to get any down elevator deflection. I also think the canopy might be from another plane. It matches the pics of the SL I've seen, but it doesn't fit this plane. I got the elevator sorted out, and reworked the canopy enough to get it to (sorta) fit and took it out. I'll probably rework the whole elevator linkage, I just don't like how it's done and it doesn't operate very smoothly. I also swapped in a new Rx, so I can use my 9C. I didn't even want to attempt using the Attack, I don't trust that I wouldn't dumb thumb it into the ground with the elevator on the left stick.

It was kinda windy, and not real thermally today, but I found a temporary solution to getting it in the air. I have a 100' grain bin on the farm with an external staircase. It's a whole lot of steep steps, but it they get you there. I got to the top, and gave it a throw. Wow does this plane glide well. I don't know what I was expecting, but it really floats. On a nice day, I might even be able to hand launch thermal it.

I might try and make a high start, but I'm probably going to go electric. With the amount of ballast this plane needs, I can probably put in a small brushless system and be at the same, if not less, weight
Bugman Jeff is online now Find More Posts by Bugman Jeff
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