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Originally Posted by lockweeze View Post
Hey guys Im sorry to dig up an old thread but my question is related.

Im a first time poster but I wanted to run a question by you friendly folks here on RC Groups.

I converted my polecat to run a 3s battery by following in mitsudriver's tracks. I used a Thunderbird 6A ESC, AEO C10 2100K motor, 4.5x5 gws prop, and, of course, a polecat. The stock motor went out in the polecat so I jumped all over this thread to get a faster polecat.

Trouble is, I am missing something somewhere. I am certain my motor isn't making 130 grams of thrust and after moving to WOT, the motor cuts out to zero after about 2.5 seconds. I am sure that the prop isnt spinning at 10,000 rpm either. I re-checked solder joints between the motor/ESC, tried 2 separate 3s batteries, and even replaced the motor.

This is becoming quite the headache for me... Anyway, I have a programmable transmitter and a rtf parkzone transmitter. The problem occurs with both batteries fully charged so I have come back around to the ESC.

When if first happened, I contacted Castle Creations and they said it can't be the ESC but I am not convinced.

Any suggestions?

Thank you guys/girls in advance!

Did you set the throttle end points on the ESC???...You may not be getting "true" full throttle...You set the end points by turning on the TX and moving the throttle stick to full up with the trim all of the way down....Power up the plane...You should hear a series of beeps...(Check your instructions for how many beeps)...Now, move the throttle to the fully low position...You should hear another series of beeps...The throttle end points are now set...But beware---If you leave the throttle in the full up position too long you will enter the programming mode...Again---Refer to the instructions for the correct amount of beeps...

If you haven't already tried---Set the end points of the ESC and tell us what you find...GOOD LUCK!!!

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