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"Before powering up:

-Be sure that your battery is fully charged prior to powering up. A complete charge will take roughly an 1hr to complete. Always supervise your charges for the indicator light to change.

-Be sure the throttle stick is set all the way down.

-Be sure the throttle trim is digitally set all the way down (via LCD screen).

Upon powering up:

-Always turn on the transmitter first. You will need to have the battery already plugged into the helicopter, however with the power switch set to OFF. You will notice a series of flashing lights and/or beeps emitted by the transmitter. During the fairly quick 3-5 seconds of flashing lights and/or beeps, you will need to immediately switch the helicopter's switch to ON.

-You will then notice a red light on a PC board inside the helicopter. Do not touch any of your controls at this time. A red light indicates that the PCB is trying to establish a connection with your transmitter. That red light on the PCB should turn green in less than 1 minute, indicating that your radio signal has successfully been established."

According to the email the red light on the PCB board should turn green. That never happened on my helicopter, I even looked up how to turn it on the first day I got it just to make sure. It seems mine was defective according to the email?
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