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Originally Posted by FlyDude View Post
Does running a digital mini servo like the HS-5245MG on 6 volts contribute to premature failure?
Or, are they rated for continuous 6 volt operation? Thanks in advance, BUD
They are rated for continuous 6 volt operation, bearing in mind that the higher the voltage,
the higher the speed produced which in turns results in more heat, together with faster
wear and tear on gear train.
. Servo - Operating Voltage Range - (Hitec) .
includes usage with NiMH, Lipol & A123 batteries

MG servo gear trains wear out faster than nylon or karbonite gears but life can be extended:
. Servo - FAQ : Metal Gear Servos - DIY Repair & Extend MG Servo Gear Life
. Digital Servo - Burnout. Cause & Prevention

Much more information on servos is available under sub sections:
"Servo - Alterations, Calculators, Databases, Leads, Repairs, Convert to an ESC or winch & FAQ".
"Servo - Digital & Brushless Servo, Programmers and Software"
"Radio Systems, Accessories, Alterations and FAQ" at
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links (quick search = Ctrl+F)

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