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Just got back from the maiden. I used control throws from the Habu manual and that worked fine.

The plane is a dud. Worst designed, worst quality plane I've ever bought. I should have read more of this thread before I bought it.

Even simple things on this plane are just stupidly-designed. For example, it took me something like five minutes just to get the battery strapped in. Because on the tiedown strap, they put this idiotic buckle on the side, and once you put the battery in the cradle, there's no room to get your fingers into that slim crack between the battery and the side of the compartment to thread the end of the strap through the buckle. And the strap is too short to put around the battery before you put it in. So I fiddled at it with implements out of my toolbox -- scissors, needlenose pliers, etc. -- and finally got the #*& thing buckled. Before I fly this plane again (*IF* I ever fly it again) I'm going to rip that ridiculous "buckle-strap" out of there and install a proper velcro tiedown.

On takeoff roll, I could tell the power was not very strong, because it took so much runway to get up decent speed. Once I got airborne....about all I can say about the flight properties is -- it flies. Speed at full power was OK, but anything below full power and it felt like the plane was barely hanging in the air. Since my wattmeter showed about the same amps/watts on the stock motor/fan for this plane as it had for the HET fan/motor combo I used in my Habu, those watts are going to waste somehow.

On landing, I almost made a nice grease-job touchdown, but I held it off a tad too long and dropped the last few inches. Certainly not a hard landing by any means. BUT...the plane would not taxi after that. Turned out, one of those retract ball links that has broken on everybody's plane broke on my plane too. So that's all it takes to break one of those? Unbelievable. This plane has been out for two years, and they must know that those things are breaking on everybody's plane, but they haven't done anything about it and are still selling them with that fragile plastic linkage...and all the while advertising the plane as coming with "metal retracts".

I had brought two batteries and I didn't want to go home with one battery charged up and not I looped some tape around the broken linkage and tried to take off. Didn't failed early on in the takeoff roll, making the plane veer off the runway to the edge of the grass. Which then broke the ball-link on the OTHER retract too!
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