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I just posted a recent video in the other LX F-35 thread. You'll see the model flies fine.
LXs version is very close to scale externally so its a very nice model in that sense and only really improves with CF to the wing and may be Flapperons along with tailerons help but are not a must.
Its a very nice model but the lack of an internal duct makes it as problematic as the real one. Adding more power to it just gets lost as the interior is an open cavity with no smooth contours.

When comparing the results to other models, you usually see more performance specifically in the way of thrust, from the same given setup. A lot of the thrust and efflux is lost because they did not make a proper duct for the model.
Some who bought the kit have a model not fully assembled so they have added panels to the open interior to direct air flow to the fan and found an immediate improvement.

If you have the time to make a proper duct yourself, it will perform better than you'd expect.
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