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Originally Posted by zagi450t
I am new to sailplanes (well 6 servo ones anyway) well hopeing someone will be able to give me some tips on setting the Radian pro up on the JR Dsx9 I have it set on Acro and have it all working inc flaps but no other mixs, when I put it on the sailplane setting I couldnt even get the motor to run, maybe the RX channels are not the same?.

Originally Posted by JumpySticks View Post
I'll bet the sailplane setting is for an unpowered sailplane. Most likely it turns the throttle into a flap control, leaving you with no throttle channel.

Maybe try switching it back to a power mode.
There is a common miss conception by power pilots that throttle is tied to the left stick, but it is not. Even on a Spektrum DX5i the throttle can be moved to another channel. Just plug it into channel 5 and it will be operated by the gear switch. Use the left stick to give you camber, reflex and landing flaps. I have this all mapped out on an AR500 if you are interested.

Using glider mode or a glider profile, most advanced radios will assume you are flying a glider rather than a powered aircraft and will assign the left stick to landing control as that is how most glider pilots would use it. You can place the throttle on a switch, slider, dial or some other control by putting in in a different slot in the receiver or by assigning it to a different control in your menus. How you do it would be based on the capabilities of your radio and your preferences.

Depending on the radio you can remap the throttle back to the left stick and put your landing controls somewhere else. I would put landing mix on the left stick myself, but I am a glider pilot primarily. I don't have any full house e-gliders, but when I do, the throttle will go on a switch or a slider.

You can set up your glider as a powered aircraft using an airplane/acro profile and have the throttle default to the left stick.
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