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Originally Posted by sdbruder View Post
Im trying to understand, you want variable geometry in the calculator? How?
Bit of a tongue in cheek request.I've been playing about with a variable sweep chuck wing,just to see if the concept is viable.Wingspan @15*sweep 150mm.It has a centre section,the wing panels hinged to this and manually moved to each sweep position.To find the centre of gravity at each sweep position I fixed the wing on the bench,measured the root and tip chords at each sweep position and put them into your calculator.I only used 15,27.5 and 40* for the flight trials,but plotted each position from 5-45*,to see if the change was linear(it was)It was whilst doing this that the idea of the calculator handling variable sweep came to mind.
As I said,not a serious request,thought the idea might interest you.
Regards Stuart
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