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You may not loose them but you will certainly take a bit of time to reacquaint yourself with what you need to do. Once you have done them by the hundreds, you tend not to forget but the first ones may be a bit more of an oval, lol.

Yesterday, since I have had to auto in a couple of heli's in the past (and they were not great), I decided to practise some at high altitude. That would normally have been fine but I chose to do it with my Jet Ranger. Things were actually going fine during the shut-off and initial auto. You could hear the rotor start to pick up speed and then I could start a flare-out with lots of room to spare.

However, things don't always work out as planned. Practising autos works great with 3D esc setups but NOT with scale esc setups. My scale heli's (where possible) have slow spool-ups and that is what lead to my Ranger falling out of the sky from about 30 feet. The blades did not have enough height to regain speed from the esc and down it came, landing gear first, into some very, very tall grass. When we found it, it was upside down looking all bent out of shape.

As it turned out, it was the broken weak plywood adaptors that were holding the frame at a very weird angle in the body. Once I got it home and was an hour into the repair, I found the esc control lead in rather bad shape. Did it happen over a period of time? Was it because of the crash (toroid coil was broken up and stuck to the motor)? I did an experiment with my AS350 on the ground to verify what the timing is and it is a very slow recovery, regardless of how short the off time is. However, the Jet Ranger was not as short and should have come back.

The wire is repaired, less coil, and the only broken parts were the landing gear and some slightly crushed spots on the one side of the frame. The gel coat is what took the worst of it but this morning, it is ready to fly once again. I will need to take this paint right down and I might just as well change it to a simple military transport heli, all dark to black olive drab. That way, the paint repair will be simple and scratches will be a snap. I am sure that if the landing gear I am on a waiting list for were installed in that crash, the damage would have been even less, as the plastic ones collapsed on the one side. Oh well, repair costs were minimal.

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