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Originally Posted by everydayflyer View Post
My son has a Blade 450 which he converted to Tarot XYZ-S and uses John's Software . He finished his tuning perhaps a month ago and now has close to 60 flights on it and he has used some Aft cyclic trim on his DX 7 Tx since day one. His Tarot XZ-S does not see the Trans trim as a new zero each time.
It can depend on how you use your TX. For example, with my JR radio, I can set different TX trims for each flight mode. Since I use governor mode, I always power up the heli with the TX in throttle hold, where there are no TX trims set. Then when I flip to one of my flight modes, any TX trim will take effect and not be seen as the new neutral. So I use TX trim to get the heli to do a stable hover, then transfer those trims to the FBL controller afterwards.

At the end of all of this, I know I am nit-picking. You can set the heli up in many different ways and get it to fly well. The FBL controller will compensate in flight for differential servo throws and different servo speeds.

Happy flying!
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