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Pretty uneventful as maidens go, frisbee toss to see if everything behaved normally, which it did so just opened up the throttle and away she went.

Three flights, first two with a coin taped to the nose to bring the CoG to the 95mm mark and needed a few clicks of up trim. Had to fiddle a bit with aileron trim until I realised the motor torque was the culprit, so I trimmed for neutral and compensated with the stick. I'll try a smaller 4040 prop next.

Third flight I removed the nose weight and needed quite a bit of down trim, eliminating any reflex the foil has but it behaved well nonetheless. A small tendency to dive at speed but nothing unmanageable.
Otherwise much more responsive and fun with the CoG on 100mm, climbs like crazy!

Daisy the DC-3 came by and made a high bank turn over us and I entertained the idea of fishing out my phone to snap a few pics with the Swift in frame, but alas not enough arms and nearly lost sight of it while ogling the DC-3.

Have to agree with CrashMeUp, it's no Stryker, not by a long shot, but it's a fun plane never the less.
It's also harder to see at a distance and nearly lost orientation a couple of times. Garish paint job should be the next priority.
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