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Originally Posted by daft punk View Post
Used a connector from Glenn's and 3 1S hyp 180's. I have used same 3 batteries and connector many times in mig and as3x Bach with no issues. Reversing polarity is kinda impossible the way connections are made. Dunno wat happened
I suspect those are Tantalum capacitors, which are great at noise suppression across a wide range of frequencies. Their downside is the maximum voltage they can take has little margin above there rating. I do not know for sure the voltage rating of these caps, however it is likely to be below 3-cells.

Check the continuity across your battery leads to the Brick. If not short-circuited then you may be able to save the thing. When the caps blow they normally short circuit; then, with enough current, they will open circuit. If your caps took the damage then your Brick may still be working. Easy enough to test with a 2-cell battery plugged into it. If it does still operate then simply replace the caps with ones with a voltage rating for 3-cells. And note the correct polarity during the installation.

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Edit: Not my clearest writing above so let me summarize the proposed testing of the Brick.
1) Measure across battery leads and confirm not short circuited.
2) If it is shorted then remove caps and confirm no longer short circuited.
3) If all seems well then plug a 2-cell Lipo into Brick and test operation.
4) If Brick works fine then replace caps with equivalent ones rated for 3-cell use and of the highest capacitance that matches the size of this component.
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