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Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
Thanks for the video Ian it was very fun too watch and your right on the money here. I'm both a full scale aerobatic pilot and rc nut and do spins in my RV-8 ( full size ) all the time.

The only real world experience I would like to add here to help are: if or when a spin is induced, the worse, and most probably, in full scale the last mistake you will ever make is to pull back on the stick whist in a spin ! It's a completely natural reaction to most pilots, it took me a good few goes of retraining my mind to do the opposite correction. Pulling back in a spin ( ie: up ) will only tighten the spin to the point of making it a flat spin....

In your very helpfull video, at around 6:50 you see the effects of a spin that is becoming flat as you loose any authority on one elivon ( the dead, flat side ) but as soon as a real deep stall is established, in most planes but especially in flying wings or canards ( long ez series ) it's all over red rover !! Hope this help - G
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