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Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
what possible purpose would you go out of your way to make it so complicated?

In this, I must agree. I went with a 3-bladed folding prop for my Scimitar purely to gain some ground clearance while maintaining thrust (smaller diameter blade, same thrust). The X8 doesn't have this issue as it is commonly launched by hand or by machine. Only a handful of examples utilize landing gear and these are primarily flown off paved runways.

Originally Posted by jb_bak View Post
I'm exploring the idea of sending my X8 up to around 30K feet with a 1300g weather balloon. If this goes well I might try higher. I have an APM2.5 that will autonomously fly back overhead and circle while coming down.

I need to strengthen the wings and elevons to handle the higher true airspeed anticipated. I was thinking of .73 oz fiberglass cloth on wings, and kevlar on the nose (I already have some, just finish off the upper part and cover the holes)

Can anyone shed light on ideas on getting the X8 up for the challenge? Maybe running an extra carbon fiber spar or two?
This is getting into UAV territory, which are usually purpose built and very strong, made from metal and composites. I'm not so sure a "foamie" would be able to handle this kind of use regardless of how well you strengthen it. Good luck in your efforts.
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