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You're right, there was a Cross Country, done in the late 70's sponsored by Circus Circus of LV. It used volunteer pilots and a set of trucks to escort an IC plane of trainer configuration; All done by LOS from back of PU truck.

Also there is currently an electric plane of similar config. being flow in each of the 50 states, though not continuously, I believe they're up to 40 states now and various clubs and individuals have made donations to keep it going till it makes all 50!

I think the Rutan Voyager configuration is just right for this effort, but they will have to lower the speed to 50mph-ish to stay legal and do LOS like Maynard Hill did. FPV & auto pilot are only to be used as backups, not primary as they desire. Once the FAA gets wind of their flight, they’ll arrest them.

It will take them more like 2-3 weeks than 1, and they'll need several spare planes as accidents do happen, and landing along the freeways is a lot tougher than you think. Maynard also reported that the Hiway Patrol and police were very helpful as soon as someone explained to them what they were doing.

I really applaud Nick & his friend for their enthusiasm and wish them well, I’ll send them a link to this thread.
As they will require a ton of $$ to do this, recruiting sponsors is really required, but not until they have the first set of hardware working. If they document this correctly it could serve as a resume/masters thesis for job hunting.

And 5 lbs is crazy, they'll be lucky if they can keep it under 5 kilos!

On the bright side there is new battery technology in the works that is supposed to be up to 10x energy density in the near/mid future.

I and the SEFSD have sponsored UCSD & SDSU teams in the Cessna DBF contest for about 10 years now, and a 5 year plan is about right to get them & the designs up to speed to do something like this.

Hoping for the best,

Capt. Crunch
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