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Swap meet score, what is it?

I went to a swap meet this weekend, a regular car swap, not an RC swap. I happened across this glider. For the grand sum of $30, I got the glider, three wings, a box of misc parts from a Sig Riser, and a positively ancient 2ch Futaba Attack. I have no idea what this glider is(it's definitely not the Sig Riser who's box and misc parts were included). It's all balsa and monokote, 2M span, about 44" nose to tail. Two of the wings are the same and seem to fit, the third green/yellow wing I think is off a different plane. I've got some questions.

First what is it? Can anyone ID this thing? How will it fly, is it worth messing around with, or is it just a flop from the past?

Second, how do I get it off the ground? I'd call myself an intermediate glider pilot, but my other sailplanes are powered. I don't have a bungee, high start, winch, or slope to fly from, and there is no tow hook on the plane. What's the easiest/cheapest way to get it in the air?

Third(really 2.5), If I can't come up with a way to launch it unpowered, what kind of powerset will I need for it? I don't need a rocket ship, just enough power to keep me in the air when there's no lift. What prop size and what wattage will I need?

Thanks for the help
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