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Here is a brain teaser for you.

CS 3S 1000 FBL
CX-PB001 programmer

John's PC software.

To center Elev. servo requires Sub Trim of 20 in DX7 transmitter.
PC softtware shows 14 versus 20.

Used a know accurate servo tester to verify servo is indeed centering correctly which it does and has full range plus overtravel .

If I use Trans. Subtrim and set computer screen to 0 as per instructions then I have a way out off center servo with very limited movement.

Gave up and just used Trans. Sub Trim of 20 . Went to field this morning and it flys great. May not be correct way to set it up but works for me. FFF solid and smooth, as are satationary flips. FFF loops and rolls and very smooth ,piros are perfectly level.

For clarification I was using the Tarot XYZ Software (John's) that I had installed for use with the Tarot XYZ-S unit.

Perhaps there is a software error between these these two different units.
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