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I think that people have lost sight of the fact that these are reasonable guys and they'll just change their goals as the facts come in to show that it is neither possible nor advisable to average 70 mph. They want to use foam. They want to stay under 5 lbs. I'll bet they keep those parameters and toss the 70 mph in favor of a lower target number.

Planning the route is somewhat unpredictable. Their best bet would be to get a heavy-hitter Senator to buy into their project and run interference there. Bureaucracies tend to be blindly rules-based. Only individuals can catch the enthusiasm and see the vision of these two guys, and that means you need an individual with some clout. John Mica might be a good one. He fell for the bullet train concept hook like and sinker, in spite of being a pragmatic and generally conservative man. That's the kind of combination that gets things done. I'm sure there are other good fits too.

I'm sure Rutan's scheduling of a round the world flight with an experimental aircraft was equally daunting. The cross country flight clearance is difficult but not impossible.
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