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Originally Posted by killickb View Post
To stay off topic for a moment; Eric, I too got caught crawling through the grass taking pics of the new Hawker Hunters at Cranfield, First we knew was the hot breath of a German Shepherd! They also gave us a drink and a basic don't ever do this again, yanked open the camera, unspooled the film and sent us on our way -- we had biked 12 miles for those pics!
I am always amazed (A Geordie would say "it's a mazah!) with coincidences. I remember that theScampton MP's asked me where I lived. I told them 58 Park Road etc. At first the lead MP did not believe me. Turned out that back in Northumberland we had just moved into the very same house where he had lived as a young man. I had ony been living there a couple of months.

I should have figured out something early , because he was the only one who understood my, as yet, uncorrupted accent, and I understood him. Lincoln folk still sound wierd to me. Me Ducks! etc.... My accent was so thick that when I went to London to live and work they would not know when I had finished telling a joke. Later on I became the official translator for "When the boat comes in" in my loacl pub in Kent. Charged them a beer or two for my services :-)

My late Father-in-law was in Lancasters. He did a full tour, 1000 bomber raid over Berlin, and received the DFC personally from the King. They had a bomb stuck in the bomb bay, so he hack-sawed it free and kicked it out. This let them close the bomb bay doors. On another mission he also had to bail out on returning to Britain to ligthen the load as they were running out of engines.

He jumped out into the pitch black night air. Instead of counting to five he pulled his parachute cord too soon. This resulted in some very rapid decelleration. This caused his flying boots to be flung off. He could not see the earth and was surprised when he finally landed softly in a cabbage patch field. He was immediately surounded by home guard with no bullets in their old rifles.He ws issued with the latest fleece leind boots and had to sleep with them in case they "walked".

The footnote to this story is that the British TV did a documentory on that crew in, the 60's, that made it all of the way through tthe war and were all still alive and in touch after all of those years. It was in black and white and called, "If I don't come back, have a drink on me!"

What was cool was seeing how each crew member took a civilian job that was akin to their role in the lanc. The tail ginner was a policeman, the wireless and radar operator a TV/washing machine repair man, the captain a flight instructor, the engineer a production manager at Ford.

OK southenah- Scott, "Wares me VIXIN???????" -- Ah can rambell more if ye divn't meck sharp!!! (I can write a book if you don't hurry up!)

There is my wedding in Lincoln castle, and all my tales of living in Herts, Kent and Hants--MA, NJ, MD, DC and NV. Then 22 years of playing rugby without a helmet----Start shippin marra!

For the non-North-East-coast of England, a Geordie does not just speak with an accent, he also has his own language......that no body else varies from village to village depending on the local industry.

- what does "Gannan oot by" mean?
- What is a "Gallowah"?
- What are Whippet Strides?
- What does "Var nye cowped ya creels?"

First prize is a ZEFFAH shipped by Scott in exchange for many pictures of dead US presidents :-)


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