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Originally Posted by PeteSchug View Post
Concerning foam, I'm thinking of micro balloons. They have a superfine particle size but they are still hollow. I've made paste with lots of micro balloons and very little epoxy and it's as light as shaving cream. Micro balloons can be made of glass, which is certainly not going to melt in the nozzle and they can be stuck together with as little plastic binder as possible for the least end weight.

Just a day dream.

Going to the NYC Maker Faire Sunday and I'll get a chance to talk to lots of people. There's a new printer designed by some guys from MIT, mostly for themselves. Four times the resolution of the Makerbot (that's 64 squirts of the nozzle for each Makerbot squirt) (4 times 4 times 4) and it uses laser fusing.

It's volume is something like 4.9 by 4.9 by 6 or so. Very nice finish on what it makes but too small for a lot of things.

Check out Tinkerine Studio booth when you are there. They are some of the people from my local 3d Printer club. They are showcasing there ditto printer. I want to replace my Huxley with one of these soon. Great Printer and its not closed source like the new MakerBot. Also I believe its under 1000.

Here is a link to there website

Enjoy MakerFaire. One day I need to go to New York one.

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