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First off let me thank John_NZ for his excelent GUI software for these FBL units,Simion for his excellent How to Videos and the many who have contributed to this thread..

I very recently purchased and installed a Tarot ZYX-S in my 4 year old Blade 400. Not perfectly tweaked yet but getting better and better.

I just purchased a Blade 450 which was a 400 ,then it was a 450 3D and recently converted to FBL using a Copter X FBL and it came with the programming box. I have downloaded the programming box instructions and can connect and move around in the Menus but have not figured out saves,loads, how to save different configurations if that is possible,etc. Seems Laptop is easier so will use John's software for now.

OK real question........ If computer software is connected and you do not choose a file or a Beginner, Soft 3D etc. but merely change a value does the value get changed in the FBL Gyro .

Example connect, go to advanced ,change collective to tail Torque compensation say from 10 to 8 and then just exit , no save file etc. is the change saved in the Gyro?

I would like to make small changes without having to Load a saved file , make the change and then Save the File. I realize that I can figure this out trial and error / testing but perhaps someone can save me the time and effort.

Anyone know a good video or even step by step text on using the Copter X programmer ?

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