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On the external corner you should not have the radius, even without cutter compensation. I suspect the gcode has an arc, instead of a sharp corner. This could be from not regenerating the gcode after switching corner types. Or could be a box you checked in the cam software, on corner types.
Another cause could be the machine is starting to turn before it hits the end of the part. This can happen when your running rather fast, and don't have the acceleration/deceleration maps fast enough.
There are a few other causes I can think of. But I would start eliminating. First you need to look at the tool path. If you have Mach3 its is shown on the screen. Look to see if it has sharp corners. If it does have sharp corners then run the code at a slower feed rate. If that doesn't help then I can suggest something else.
Roto Rob is online now Find More Posts by Roto Rob
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