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I don't agree with lining the box with foam. It just takes up space, which is a premium. Just make a rigid box, and rely on good packaging of the gear within it. For peace of mind, I most like the plywood box that I took to the States last year, but it's a bit heavy so I'm happy to compromise with double wall coreflute. Even if you have foam lining, it won't protect against simple damage like the flap horns of one wing dinting another one, so inevitably you have to pack everything carefully. My mouldie wings and fuses all have good bags, but even so I put a lot of thought into putting slices of white foam between wings, jamming rolled up bits of cardboard here and there to stop stuff moving, and jamming bubblewrap everywhere. You want the box to be filled tightly with the lid closing tight so that if the box is rolled upside down, the planes inside still stay snug.

EDIT: P.S. if you don't have good padded wing and fuse bags, think about it. Not just for the plane trip, but even more so to protect them during the trip. At home, when you get a day out flying, perhaps you and your flying buddy know how to pack your gear carefully into your own car. But on a DS Safari like NZ in December you're gonna find yourself in a strange car, throwing all sorts of gear in, perhaps picking up other guys and their gear. You might be moving around and have suitcases and stuff in the back, and keeping it all under control is a challenge. And for most of us it's not normal to spend a huge intense day out flying, DSing, meeting new guys and so on, then do it again the next day ... and the next again. Maybe you guys are nuclear powered but I get really tired and likely to do stupid things. In short, it's a classic situation for accidents and damage to happen. Maybe all the gear is stacked up and falls over going round a corner and his super heavy D80 fuse falls on your light F3F wing. You don't see that your V-tail is down beside the seat, and someone pushes the door shut. The charger is balanced on the headrest and someone tugs on the lead and it falls on the planes. Etc, etc, etc. If your wings are packed in nice strong Insulaire (or similar) bags they're not going to get easily damaged. Peace of mind.
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